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Packaging Foam
Call us for custom quotes!
We can custom pad your delicate equipment in your cases.

We  can custom pad your delicate equipment in your cases to an size and shape!!
Foam is light, has complete open or closed pore structure that gives extremely good air flow characteristics which is great for filter applications, and cushioning that's great for padding packages for shipping. Charcoal FoamPoly Foam or Polyethylene are good for padding in cases with delicate equipment.

Protect your products with our packaging foam sheets.
Our foam is a light weight polyurethane foam, that cushions
your items during: shipping, warehousing, and general handling
All thickness are in stock and can be custom cut to fit your needs E-mail us for prices.

Recommended For:
Custom Cut To Any Shape and Size
  • Custom Case Foam Inserts
  • Open Cell Foam Cutting- White OR Charcoal Polyurethane Foam
  • Closed Cell Foam Cutting- EVA Foam, PE Foam, Styrofoam
  • Packaging
  • Letters and Art and Crafts Project
Foam Water Jet Cutting Service

Our Waterjet cutting is capable of slicing into any type of open cell and closed cell foam using a jet stream of water is forced through a tiny nozzle at a high pressure to perform precision cutting and piercing up to accuracies of ± .005 leaving smooth, extremely accurate edges.

This Waterjet services is available to any manufacture or customer such that needs to protect delicate equipment, professional advertising the devices. This is the perfect environmentally friendly technology solution for nearly all cutting needs and is less expensive then laser and die cutting.

We can custom pad any size case to your specifications.
Call For Quotes Custom Made To Any Style!
Click Here For Information About Foam Specs.

Located on Catalog Page 149.

Package Your Instruments, Tools, Jewelry, Computer Cases!




Our inserts are a lightweight polyurethane material that encapsulates and items virtually on any product.


Suitcase Fabric Packaging and Advertising Case

Waterproof Filter Cut Out Shape

Water Jet Cutting
with adhesive backing

Guns & Knives Collection
Sent paper or fabric temple of any object and we can cut your equipment exactly to shape and size. Please contact us for prices. We can also put fabric on top of the foam to give your packaging products a more stylish look.

Gun Case Example:

Discounts On Large Order! Please call or email for more details.

Custom cut Pick and Pluck Available In Different Styles. Have your company name and logo WaterJet design with the Pick N' Pluck.

* Custom made logo with any style letters
* Custom sizes with rounded or beveled corners
* Add fabric on top for a long lasting stylish design
* Used the Pick N' Pick to help you create your own cut out or we can custom make the design for you. Set up charge custom made waterjet designs, Around $65.00 to $45.00 set up charge plus the foam.

Foam Types We Use: We have all types of Open & Closed Cell Foam
  • Styrofoam Closed Cell Foam
  • Polyethylene Closed Cell Foam
  • Charcoal Foam Open Cell Foam
  • Convoluted Foam Open Cell Poly Foam

Charcoal (Firm)
Product ID#:  F-CHAR

Open-Cell/ Urathane-Ether Foam

Common Uses: Sound deadening, packaging, and cases. Charcoal Firm foam is a great quality foam with a firm feel. Common applications include cost effective acoustics, cases and packaging


Full Sheets 108" x 82"

Half Sheet 54" x 82"

Quarter Sheet 36" x 82"


$ 33.85

$ 19.85

$ 17.85


$ 62.85

$ 34.85

$ 25.85

1 1/2"

$ 93.85

$ 51.85

$ 37.85


$ 123.85

$ 68.85

$ 49.85

2 1/2"

$ 154.85

$ 85.85

$ 62.85


$ 185.85

$ 102.85

$ 74.85


$ 216.85

$ 119.85

$ 87.85


$ 246.85

$ 136.85

$ 99.85

Roll: 1/4" Thick x 72" Wide : Lineal Ft. $ 2.75
Roll: 3/8" Thick x 72" Wide : Lineal Ft. $ 3.45

Choose Roll:
Choose Length of Roll (in feet):
-- or --
Choose Sheet:
Choose Sheet Size:

Charcoal (Regular)
Product ID#:  R-CHAR
Common Uses: sound deadening, packaging, cases, and engine covers (only if there is no contact with extreme heat) Charcoal Regular foam is a good quality foam with a medium feel. Common applications include cost effective acoustics, cases and packaging.sound deadening, packaging, cases, and for engine covers if their is no contact with oil or flames.


Full sheets 82" x 108"

Half Sheet 82" x 54"

Quarter Sheet 36" x 82"


$ 28.75

$ 17.85

$ 13.85


$ 53.85

$ 30.85

$ 22.85

1 1/2"

$ 80.85

$ 45.85

$ 33.85


$ 106.85

$ 60.85

$ 44.85

2 1/2"

$ 133.85

$ 74.85

$ 55.85


$ 159.85

$ 91.85

$ 66.85


$ 212.85

$ 119.85

$ 87.96

Choose Size:
Choose Sheet:

Open Cell Foam Specs
Foam specifications come from foam manufactures.

Charcoal Regular
Charcoal Firm
Color: Light Charcoal Dark Charcoal
ILD (LBS/ 33-39 67-75
Density (LBS/Cubic Ft.) 1.15-1.35 1.50-1.70
25% IFD (Pounds) 33-39 65-75
Support Factor (65%/ 25% Min.) 1.90 1.90
Tensile (pis) Min. 14.0 10.0
Elongation (%) Min. 200 100
Tear (PPI) Min. 1.50 1.00
Resiliency (%) Min. 40 25
Flammability California 117
Note: All Testing Is Done By The ASTM D 3574 Standard
Rev. 1, 12-3-02