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Shredded Memory or Polyurethane Foam
Product ID#:  A-SM

10-pound bags of shredded polyurethane foam.
Used for sofa cushion backs, throw pillows, dog beds, wicker chair padding, and miscellaneous cushions. Shredded foam comes with no skin.

1 Cubic Foot (12" x 12" x 12") of shredded Polyurethane Foam = 1.5 Pounds

1 Cubic Foot (12" x 12" x 12") of shredded 4.3LB Memory Foam = 4 Pounds

Shredded Polyurethane Foam

$ 2.25

Shredded Memory Foam

$ 4.50

Shredded Charcoal Foam

$ 1.75

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Foam Pellets
Recommended For: Packing Material for delicate equipment such as hardware tools, computer equipment, chinaware, cameras, liquid bottles, glass, picture frames, office equipment, lamps, Christmas ornaments, and much more

  • This Polyurethane foam is three-dimensional Pyramid shape, which provides excellent cushioning and prevents the items from shifting.
  • Provide secure protection against external effect OR from multiple items in the box hitting one another.
  • These mid size foam shape pieces make it easy to maintain and clean up.
  • This Foam insert is not made out of shredded foam or Styrofoam peanut pellets.
  • This Polyurethane foam is also a Class "B" fire retardant and NO firm crust and will not crumble, chip or brake.

8 Square Cubic Feet of Foam Pellets
(will fill an 24" x 24" x 24" area)


Soft Cluster Fill Dacron
Product ID#:  A-SC
Used for sofa cushion backs, throw pillows, dog beds, wicker chair padding, and miscellaneous cushions. A 10-pound bag of Cluster fill Dacron will fill approximately 15 knife edge 16" x 16" square pillows

1LB Bag

$ 4.95

5LB Bag

$ 24.95

25LB Bag

$ 106.85

50LB Bag

$ 190.85

100LB Bag

$ 370.85

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Dacron Wrap
Product ID#:  A-DW
Dacron wrap is available for your cushions. Dacron gives the cushion a more rounder fuller look, rather than a flat square cushion. Dacron also protects the foam from rubbing against the fabric covers. Dacron: (Density .75)

60" Wide, 3/4" Thick / Per Foot

$ 1.50

30 feet roll 60" Wide 3/4" Thick

$ 32.00

45 feet roll 60" wide 3/4" Thick

$ 47.00

90 feet roll 60" Wide 3/4" Thick

$ 95.00

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Foam Glue Adhesive
Product ID#:  A-GLUE

Foam glue adhesive covers around 100 square feet.

It provides quick adhesion, and designed for: Open Cell Foam, Acoustic Foam Tiles, Paper rubber, Metal, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Vinyl, Fabric, and Dacron Wrap.

Spray Adhesive works best on all acoustic foam and other open cell foams. This glue is use to attach surfaces together and repair rips in foam. It dries quickly, performs flexible bonds, waterproof, and has low soak in.

Installation Tips :
  • If you apply our spray adhesive glue lightly, only on the back of the tiles this will leave a temporary bond.
  • If you apply our adhesive glue to both the mounting surface and the back of the tiles this will leave a permanent bond.
  • For a stronger permanent bond make sure you spray both surfaces and allow adhesive to dry and tacky before bonding.


12 Pack

Foam Camie313:Spray adhesive (Net Wt. 12 oz.)

$ 9.85

$ 99.85

Camie373:Spray adhesive (Net Wt. 16.25 oz.)

$ 12.85

$ 118.85

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